Bone Scintigraphy

The bone scan is a nuclear medical examination evaluating  abnormalities involving bones and joints. A skeletal scintigraphy produces images of the changes in the bone metabolism than can occur for example in a degenerative joint disease (arthritis), inflammation, or tumors.

The examination is usually performed in 3 phases (Multiple Phase Scintigraphy):

Are special preparations required?

No. Special preparation for the tests are usually not required, but you should bring 1 bottle of mineral water or similar (about 1 liter), because you should take an increased amount of fluid during the break between the individual phases. You do not have to fast before the procedure and you can take your medications as usual. Please bring all available medical records, especially X-rays and MRI (magnetic resonance) - / CT (computed tomography) images.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects or allergies occur very rarely or not at all.


When should the investigation not be conducted (contraindications)?

The only contraindication is pregnancy or breastfeeding.


How high is the radiation exposure?

The radiation exposure is low and corresponds approximately to a normal X-ray.


Who pays for the examination?

Bone scintigraphy is a standard benefit of all statutory and private health insurance.

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