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Guidelines for ambulatory surgery

Dear Patient,

soon you will undergo surgery at the KLINIK am RING as an outpatient. Please read the following guidelines carefully.

  • At the day of your surgery, please check in at the postoperative unit on the 4th floor (entering from Mauritiuswall 13) according to the previously scheduled appointment.
  • Also, please note the preoperative fasting instructions: you may not eat, drink, or smoke prior to surgery.
  • Please follow the intake of medications discussed with your anesthesiologist. 
  • Bring your X-rays /MRT images (if any)
  • You may bring a book or an MP3-Player etc., to stay occupied during possible waiting time(s).
  • The recovery time after the surgery is about thirty minutes to two hours. Once you are fully awake, you can contact relatives by mobile phone or telephone. During this time, you can receive visitors. In the interest of other patients who need more rest, only one visitor at a time is allowed to visit a patient in the recovery room.
  • Pregnant women and children are not allowed in the recovery room.
  • After surgery, you should eat breakfast. Please bring a light breakfast (sandwiches). Coffee and water are provided by us. You may bring coca cola or iced tea if needed. Any other drinks are unsuitable.
  • Please ensure that you will be picked up the day of surgery and be cared for at home. If you cannot be picked up, we will order a taxi. Taxi fares are to be paid directly to the driver. For reimbursement of taxi fares, please contact your health insurance.
  • Note that after the surgery you will be unable to drive or use public transport.

If you have questions or if you experience problems after you have been discharged, please contact us at +49(0)221 924 24-136

Your post-surgical care team