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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'Private Clinic' mean?

Private means that the KLINIK am RING is a private health care provider. It is operated and managed solely on private initiatives, e.g. without any state or federal support and/or subsidies. Private does, however, not mean that you have access to our physician practices and clinics only as a private, self-pay patient. Private means also that medical care takes place in a "private" atmosphere where the patient is the primary concern.

What type of medical services are offered at the KLINIK am RING?

The KLINIK am RING includes the following practices and departments:
Anesthesiology and Pain Therapy • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery • Dermatology • Otolaryngology • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery • Radiology • Neurosurgery • Orthopedics & Sports Traumatology • Radiosurgery • Urology • Dentistry • Rehab at the KLINIK am RING • West-German Prostate Center.

Can I be treated at the KLINIK am RING even if I am insured by a statutory health insurance?

Yes. Most of our physicians are licensed by the public (statutory) health insurances, meaning that you can make an appointment and see them for examination and treatment. Even surgical procedures, if performed ambulatory, can be reimbursed by your public health insurance. However, if you are treated as an inpatient, you must have a private health insurance or carry the cost yourself since the KLINIK am RING is an out-of-net provider, i.e. does not have a provider contract with any public (statutory) health insurance.

What do I have to do if I am coming to the Clinic as an inpatient? What kind of forms do I have to submit?

If between you as the patient and the treating physians a consensus has been reached about surgical procedures to be performed on an outpatient basis, i.e. when leaving the hospital on the same day surgical procedures were performed, the costs of the procedure are charged via a health card to your health insurance. In case admission to the hospital is medically necessary, the appropriate forms for cost reimbursement should be filed with your insurance (statutory, private health insurance, or subsidy office) prior to the procedures being performed. The private health insurance and / or aid office will then confirm what part of the cost they will assume. We will, of course support you in filling the application for cost reimbursement. Appropriate forms are available from our administration.

In addition to my regular insurance, I have additional insurance. What does that mean for my stay as in inpatient?

If you have additional insurance that provides for a stay in a one or two bed room, these costs are covered. Costs occurring in addition, such as nursing fees, the per-case flat rate, and any surcharge are generally your personal responsibility.

What are the opening times on Wednesdays and Fridays at the KLINIK am RING aus?

Our practices and clinics have varying office hours; these are listed on our website. Just click on “office hours/contact” at the respective clinic or department.

How long do I have to stay at the clinic after my surgery?

The lenghth of your stay depends on the type of surgery. If you have undergone a minimal invasive operation, you usually have to stay one to two days. Of course, we doing everything to keep your stay as short as possible.

Are patient units and medical services available during holidays?

Our patient wards are availaible years round and on holidays exept for the Christmas and New Years season December 24 to January 2. areie Station ist das ganze Jahr unter 0 22 1-9 24 24-135 erreichbar.

May I accompany my child if it is hospitalized at the KLINIK am RING?

Principally, yes. Just contact us for beforehand. 

Where are the parking ticket machines ?

The parking ticket machine is at the lower level of the parking garage nest to Mauritiuswall.

May I use my mobile phone during my stay as an inpatient at the KLINIK am RING ?

Yes, you may use your mobile phone during your stay at the KLINIK am RING. The only exeption is the the recovery room. Please keep in mind that the other patients possibly need privacy. We ask you to keep your mobile phone turned off. 

Are computers available for patients treated at the KlLINIK am RING?

Our patients can bring their own notebooks and directly dial into W-LAN in their rooms. Free Internet is also available at our lounge. If necessary, we will provide a notebook.

My relatives and friends want to visit. What are the visitation times?

The KLINIK am RING does not have specific visitation times. However, we would kindly ask you to respect the privacy and the need for sleep of other patients.

Does the KLINIK am RING have a cafeteria?

No, we do not have a cafeteria. However, we offer coffee and refreshing drings in our lounges. Also, the local gastronomy offers a wide variety of food and drings, and most attractive restaurants and cafe are in direct vicinity to the KLINIK am RING.

Do the rooms have TV?

Yes, each room has a TV. There is no charge for TV viewing.

Can I make phone calls in my room?

Yes. Each room is fitted with a room. If you want to use the phone during your stay with us, please register the service when you check in. We ask you to prepay €15.00. When you check out, we will this amount to the actual cost of phone calls you made during your stay. A phone unit costs €0.26.

What about food & beverages at the KLINIK am RING?

You can choose between two different dishes and a vegetarian dish. Alternatively, we offer a 'salad of the week'.

How do I get to the KLINIK am RING using public transportation?

Taking the Tram, you can reach us:
- via Neumarkt
Tram No. 9 (direction Sülz) to Zülpicher Platz

- via Ebertplatz / Rudolfplatz
Tram No. 12 (direction Zollstock, and Tram No. 15 (direction Ubierring) to Zülpicher Platz

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Does the KLINIK am RING offer Parking?

The KLINIK am RING has its own parking facilities. the entrance to the parking decks is at the backside of the building, Mauritiuswall 13. >> Directions to the Parkingdecks

What Motorways (Autobahnen) do I take to get to the KLINIK am RING or to the inner city?

>> Directions to the KLINIK am RING

What kind of Parking is available at the KLINIK am RING?

The KLINIK am RING has its own parking facilities. The Drive-In is at the back of the building, Mauritiuswall 13. >> Direction to the Parking Garage

What are the hourly parking fees?

The first hour is €1.50; additional 30 minutes are €0.50. The max. fee for the entire day is €10.00.

Does the parking ticket machine take bills?

Yes, it takes coins and €10, €20, and €50 bills.

What are the opening times for the parking garage? Can I get in and out any time?

The parking garage is open around the clock.

How do I get to my car, if the parking garage is closed?um Parkhaus geschlossen ist?

You can enter the parking garage any time with your parking pass.

My car is blocked by another car. What do I do?

Please contact us in the Main Lobby at the Hohenstaufenring or call the Lobby at 0 22 1-9 24 24-100.

Do outpatients have to pay parking fees when treated at the KLINIK am RING?

The parking fee is € 10.00 per day and cannot be reimbursed by us. We hope you do understand our policiy.