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Six Senior Medical Specialists from renowned hospitals joint forces to realize their goal to practice high quality medicine and provide patient-focused care in a more private, personal and pleasant environment. The various departments would have to be well-networked and benefit from a flat organizational structure. This goal has been reached today and has proven a great success. After more than 50 000 surgical procedures during the past 20 years, the KLINIK am RING can now look into the future with great confidence.


  • Six physicians are founding the KLINIK am RING



  • Opening of the KLINIK am RING: 2,200 sq m on three floors; inpatient care unit with 21 beds, six clinics and inpatient care units for (orthopedics, oral and maxillo-facial surgery, ear, nose and throat medicine, anesthesia, aesthetic plastic surgery, and neurosurgery)


  • Opening of the clinic and inpatient care unit for dermatology / allergology
  • Opening of the clinic for radiological diagnosis and the beginning of a cooperation


  • Opening of the clinic and inpatient care unit for dentistry


  • Opening of the clinic and inpatient care unit of urology
  • Opening of the Skin Forum Cologne
  • Total area of the KLINIK am RING now 5,500 sq m


  • Opening of the clinic and inpatient care unit for radiotherapy
  • Founding of the West German Prostate Center
  • Opening of the clinic for nuclear medicine and the beginning of cooperation


  • Expansion and modernization of the operation room sterilization system


  • Founding of the Spine Center Cologne
  • The 600th patient is treated with SEED implantation at the West-German Prostate Center


  • Founding of the West German Knee & Shoulder Center


  • The 1000th patient is treated with SEED-implantation and the 1500th afterloading therapy is performed at the West German Prostate Center


  • Air conditioning is installed in all patient rooms


  • A new single occupancy patient room is completed
  • Major renovations are starting in the patient care unit  


  • Purchase of three new operating tables
  • All rooms are furnished with new patient beds and bedside tables


  • Expansion of the internal information system
  • Construction activities for the installation of air conditioners throughout the clinic are finalized


  • New MRT 3.0 Tesla has arrived
  • Purchase of two additional operating tables
  • Expansion of the clinic for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine on the 5th Floor
  • Relocation  and reconstruction of the X-ray facilities to the first Floor