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Safety & Quality Management


Patient safety is paramount. This applies to both the medical as well as the organizational level. Standardized surgical techniques, minimally invasive and arthroscopic procedures and an experienced anesthesiology ensure optimal treatment results and a short duration of treatment.

The KLINIK am RING has a modern fire detection and alarm system. Safety education and training is provided to all employees on a regular basis once a year.


Up to 5,000 surgeries per year are performed at the KLINIK am RING. The operating rooms are ventilated by the state-of-the art air conditioning system class H13. The operating rooms and adjoining areas are thus 99.9% germ free. Medical instruments and surgical equipment are sterilized in the adjacent sterilization area by qualified technicians and staff.

Dr. Karl Schulte, hygiene representative, hygiene specialist, Kerstin Simon, and hygiene manager, Adelheid Busch ensure compliance with legal hygiene standards according to the guidelines of the Institute of Microbiology, Immunology and Hygiene, University Hospital of Cologne, Department of Hospital Epidemiology, Dr. Hans-Martin Wenchel. 

Quality Management

The KLINIK am RING is certified according to ISO 9001 by TÜV SÜD (German Technical Inspection Agency). Since 2009, the outpatient (AQA) and impatient (SQS) treatment quality is monitored by medicaltex GmbH every three months.