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Alexander Lages, M.D.

Specialist for Sports Medicine and Chirotherapy

Education and Training

  • Doctoral Degree at the University of Cologne, (subject: meniscus-preserving surgery)
  • Medical Studies (University of Cologne, Germany), licensing in Germany 1998
  • Diploma PE Teacher (Sport University of Cologne, Diploma awarded 1996)

Professional Background

  • KLINIK am RING (Department of Orthopedics)
  • Krankenhaus (Hospital) der Augustinerinnen, Cologne, Germany (Department of Orthopedics)
  • District Hospital Mechernich, Germany (Departmen of Orthopedics)
  • KLINIK am RING SINCE August 1, 2006, senior physician in private practice


  • Disorders of the shoulder and knee joint
  • Conservative and surgical therapy methods
  • Minimal invasive / arthroscopic surgical techniques and endoprosthetic treatment of large joints

Special Activities

  • Instructor for arthroscopic workshops:
  • Arthroscopy Bioskill Lab Andover / Boston (USA)
  • Course Instructor Arthroscopy courses (Hannoveraner Arthroskopiekurs) 2008/2009/2010
  • Course Instructor Shoulder disorders and injuries
  • Course Instructor Arthroscopy courses in Boston; Berlin; Cologne; Hannover; Düsseldorf, Tübingen, Mechernich
  • Lecturer at the German Sports University Cologne in the area of academic training:
    • Personal Training
    • Power and Endurance Training
    • Master of Sportsphysiotherapy
  • Surgeon for the arthroscopic Latarjet surgeries (Mitek DePuy) Founding of a Lecturer Center in 2012
  • Cooperation partner of the Olympiastützpunktes Rheinland


  • Causes and surgical solutions of patellofemoral instability
  • Arthroscopic reconstruction of M. subscapularis
  • Implant selection and surgical technique of revision cruciate ligament surgery
  • Meniscal repair techniques and indications
  • Not everything is a Bankart-lesion
  • The treatment of chronic AC-joint instability. Introducing a separate arthroscopically performed anatomical reconstruction of coracoclavicular ligaments

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