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Conditions and Injuries Treated

At the Department of Orthopedics at the KLINIK am RING, we examine, diagnose, and treat all diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Our treatment spectrum includes conservative, e.g. non-operative, as well as surgical treatments.

But, medical treatments alone are not enough – the best medicine means to provide answers to all your questions and to take all of your individual circumstances into consideration!!

What is the best treatment for me?

Conventional Medicine – Alternative Medicine – Surgeries: none of these procedures should be based on ideologies that exclude each other! We rather see these treatments as important treatment options, which, if skillfully combined, can contribute to the fastest recovery possible!

It is most important to treat the cause not just the symptoms!

Accurate analysis - only if the cause of the injury or condition is known, the problem can be solved permanently!

I want a simple and low-risk treatment!

Treatment in several stages: Depending on the diagnosis, we will start with a treatment that is less stressful and has the least side effects. Only if this does not lead to a satisfactory result, will the treatment become more extensive!

The treatment must fit my needs and suit my personal life style!

Individualized treatment strategy for young patients, more mature patients, athletes, less physically active people, working people, non-working people, single, holiday or vacations are already planned - your needs are very different. We offer you the best treatment!

An overview of our conservative treatments:

Conventional medicine

•    Physical therapy and physiotherapy
•    Treatment with medication
•    Treatment with injections
•    Shock wave therapy

Alternative Medicine

•    Chiropractic therapy
•    Homeopathy
•    Acupuncture
•    Neural therapy

Innovative biotechnical procedures

•    Orthokin®-Therapy
•    Autohemotherapy (ACP)

An overview of our surgical treatments:

Arthroscopic surgery (joint reflections)

•    Knee joint
•    Shoulder joint
•    Foot/Ankle joint
•    Elbow joint
•    Toe joint

Osteoarthritis Treatment

•    Cartilage transplantations
•    Joint disk repositioning surgeries
•    Arthroplasty 

Joint Replacement (Endoprosthetic) 

•    Hip Joint Replacement 
•    Knee Joint Replacement 
•    Shoulder Joint Replacement

Foot surgeries

•    Foot and toe deformities

Sports orthopedic and sports traumatological surgeries

•    Cruciate Ligament Tear
•    Meniscus Rupture
•    Tendon Rupture (Achilles Tendon, Shoulder)
•    Joint Luxation
•    Chronic Tendinitis (Tennis Elbow, Golfer Elbow, Achilles Tendon, Patellar Tendinitis , Impingement)
•    Fracturs

Spine surgeries

•    Herniated disc of the cervical spine
•    Slipped disc of the lumbar spine (LWS)
•    Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS)
•    Cervical spinal canal stenosis
•    Instability - cervical spine
•    Instability - lumbar spine
•    Spondylolisthesis
•    Vertebral fractures - cervical spine
•    Vertebral fractures - thoracic & lumbar spine
•    Vertebral fractures - elderly patients.

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