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Header: Patient Safety - Infection Prevention

Patient Safety - Infection Prevention

Measures that improve patient saftey in surgery

  • high specialization
  • regular comprehensive training and further education
  • external hygiene monitoring and quality controls 
  • MRSA Screening

Infections, complications, hospital acquired infections, etc.

These headlines provoke fear in patients that are facing surgery. Nothing is absolutely certain in life, however, in medicine there are many ways to promote and control the safety of the patients significantly, especially with respect to infections.

The Department of Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology, the Spinal Center of the KLINIK am RING and the WEST GERMAN SHOULDER KNEE & CENTER have imposed strict safety rules to ensure the highest safety standards throughout the clinic and especially in surgery:
Strict indications are needed

After extensive preliminary examination of the patient, surgery is only recommended by our physicians if other measures (conservative therapies) are long-term not effective. In addition, we only advise surgery if there is a high probability that the planned surgical interventions will long term considerably improve the patient’s quality of life.

High specialization

The doctors and their surgical teams are highly and have a lot of experience in their fields. Accordingly, operation time is reduced to a minimum. Many surgeries, even complex interventions, are carried out minimally invasive.

Regular training and furthering education

All hospital staff receives regular training regarding their personal hygiene practices and attend special assessment courses. Hospital staff must comply with all safety and hygiene regulations. Each specialized department has one or more highly qualified hygiene manager. These are employees who have been trained particularly in patient safety control measures and who exert additional control functions.

External Quality Control

For the supervision and implementation of all safety measures, the KLINIK am RING has contracted an external hygiene specialist nurse and an advisory hygiene specialist to assess and implement safety controls and measures.

Closely monitored quality assurance

The medical services of the Department of Orthopedics and Sports Traumatology and the Spinal Center of the KLINIK am RING in Cologne are subject to strict quality controls. In addition to internal controls, an independent control commission (Medicaltex AQA1 and SQS1) also carries out assessments and inspections. The KLINIK am RING in Cologne is ISO 9001 certified by TÜV Süd.

MRSA Screening

Studies have shown that for the prevention of infections from multi-resistant bacteria (MRSA) screening of patients with potential risk factors is meaningful. High-risk patient groups include patients who have recently traveled outside Europe, were previous hospitalized or have recently visited friends and relatives in other clinics. In the KLINIK am RING all patients at risk for their own safety and the safety of other patients are assessed for multi-resistant bacteria prior to surgery.

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