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Moisturizing the skin correctly is not as easy as it sounds. Moisturizing or wrinkle creams and ointments make huge promises, but after the age of 35, the skin loses more moisture than can be restored with common creams and cosmetics.

In the fight against wrinkles, the mesotherapy is as effective as Botox. Experience your skin feeling totally new with the help of ultra sound: the astonishing results are fresh looking skin and reduced wrinkles or fine lines. The mesotherapy restores the youthful appearance by removing the upper skin layer with a fruit acid peel. The advantage is that this prepares the skin perfectly well to absorb the wrinkle-removing hyaluronic acid products.

1. Peel

Shallow wrinkles are smoothened and pigmentation marks are diffused already with the first peel. Flat acne scars are diffused and deep acne scars are flattened and reduced. Enlarged skin pores become tighter and the skin becomes soft, smooth, and fresh.

2. Hyaface

Hyaface contains pure hyaluronic acid, which immediately makes the skin smoother. It also acts as extra moisture storage. The molecules channeled by ultrasound regularly meet in the receptive by the peeling skin. Light circular massage movements make the treatment especially pleasant.

3. Hyatox

Hyatox is a newly developed peptide and has a wrinkle-reducing effect similar to Botox - and that without the dreaded needle injection and without pain. The additional block genistin is an herbal hormone that provides new formation of collagen for more firmness of the skin. Hyatox is applied to areas of the facial wrinkles by ultrasound.

Treatment Intervals - Mesotherapy should be performed in at least one block treatment for three months in a two-week interval, six times. Mesotherapy also allows for a long-term treatment. When treated long-term, it should be performed every two months during the first year and three to four times during the second year.

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