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If you experience anxieties when shaking someone’s hand because your own hand is dripping with sweat, and if fear is your constant companion, it might be pathological.

Who has not experienced it? You are just about to have an interview, possibly even with your new boss, and, of course, a handshake is unavoidable. But suddenly, the interview turns into a nightmare because your hand is wet from sweating.

This may happened to each of us, but there are also people for whom excessive sweating is not just an occasional nightmare, but also rather a permanent condition and a disease.

The palms, the armpits, but also the bottom of the feet, and even the whole body can be affected by hyperhidrosis, e.g. excessive sweating. We would like to inform you especially about the diverse forms of excessive sweating, their causes, and treatment options.

Our treatment without surgery

BOTOX® - BOTOX® - is the name of a medication that has Botulinum toxin type A (Botox) as an active ingredient, and with which we generally treat facial wrinkles. The same drug is very successfully used to treat excessive sweating.

This treatment is performed by our specially trained physicians. Botox is injected in the smallest dose just enough to immobilize the affected problem zone. BOTOX® has been approved in Germany as a drug for treating Hyperhidrosis approved.

Our treatment involving surgery

Suction curettage - The suction curettage of sweat glands is a new, minimal invasive surgical technique. Under local anesthesia, a liquid is injected into the affected areas to loosen the fluid of the tissue. By means of a "suction rasp" cannula that is inserted through small incisions in the skin, the sweat glands are then simultaneous removed.

We are the first practice in Cologne to use this highly effective method that carries for the most part a low-risk of side effects. 

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