New treatment method with laser

Laser therapy can treat the condition quicker and more efficiently than any conventional operation. It is gentler (non-evasive) and leaves no visible scars as the conventional operation. It can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia or light general anesthesia. It takes about 45 minutes; the patient can immediately get up and go about his normal activities.

With a needle, similar to the process of taking blood with a syringe, a laser fiber is inserted into the vein. The laser energy is then delivered through the laser fiber and thus seals the diseased vein. The vein shrinks and consequently, it does not have to be removed.

Which conventional treatments are available?

In addition to treating the condition with compression stockings, the varicose vein(s) is removed, e.g. completely pulled out, in a surgical procedure and under general anesthesia.

This procedure does, however, leave scars, and the healing process takes several weeks.

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