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Cancer Prevention


Your skin and, for that matter your whole body, can be endangered to a very high degree by black skin cancer. Harmless looking moles are changing, pigment cells multiply irregularly, and a malignant cancer develops.

What you should check for on a regular basis:

The Association of Dermatological Prevention recommends having the skin checked once a year by a dermatologist. Examinations are performed using modern methods: with the FotoFinder©, a computer-based investigation in which even the smallest mole is detected. What you yourself should look for when you notice changes in the skin:

• A mole has a distinctly different color. It can be black or brown and dark brown to black, and it stands out clearly from the other marks.

• The shape is different, elevated or irregular, and you notice that the color changes, for example, sometimes the mole is darker, sometimes it is brighter.

• A pigmented nevus (pigmentation mark) changed suddenly, although, for years it had looked the same. 

• You notice a mole because it itches, burns, or even bleeds

We would like to know that you receive timely and comprehensible care. Our dermatological practice offers the full range of preventive measures, diagnosis, surgical treatment, and post treatment.

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