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Skin diseases occuring in childhood often show a different symptomatic and therapeutic medical picture than diseases suffered in adulthood. The required therapies should consequently be suited to fit the natural development of the young sensitive skin. With increasing environmental problems, primarily preventive measures are in the foreground. This is particularly true when the child has a genetic tendency to allergies and atopic eczema, formerly known as atopic dermatitis. In atopic dermatitis, sometimes the elimination of certain foods can bring about a significant improvement of symptoms. But it is not always a food allergy that triggers eczema. It is important that the affected regions of the skin have no contact with irritants and allergens.

In pediatric dermatology, the focus is on the effective treatment of pruritus and especially the external skin care. With a balanced skincare, the worsening of eczema can often be prevented and almost always be improved. Depending on the severity of eczema, we favor homeopathic treatments.

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