Laser Therapy - Aesthetics


Laser technology has become indispensable in the field of dermatology. Bothersome changes of the skin can be treated selectively with laser technology since the different wavelengths of the lasers only target the areas to be treated. Because of this precision, the laser treatment provides the greatest possible success over all other methods while simultaneously creating an optimal protection for the surrounding healthy tissue.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

- The laser peel is a good alternative to the classical facelift.

Treatment of unattractive skin changes

- With the laser treatment, we can treat all benign newly occurring changes of the skin.

No to moles or old tattoos

- Laser is also used to remove unwanted lesions (moles - melanocytic nevus) at the body. Bothersome pigmentation marks and old tattoos are also removed without any problems.

Removal of facial or body hair

- Laser epilation is the latest and safest method to remove facial or body hair.

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