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Mini-stripping is the surgical removal of the side vein branches according to Zoltan Varady; it is considered a gentle and cosmetically demanding procedure.

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and as an outpatient. The patient can usuall resume daily activities on the same day of the procedure. The most important tools in this procedure is the Varady hook (like a fine crochet hook).

Through a small incisions, about 2-4 mm in size and performed at a distance of 4-8 cm from each other, the dilated veins are removed with this small hook.

Generally, this technique should be seen as a supplemental procedure to the so-called "stripping". Here is the entire superficial saphenous vein is removed via a probe from the groin to the ankle (crossectomy and stripping).

In the surgical removal of varicose veins (stripping), the diseased vessels are removed. Incisions in the groin and lower leg are are made under general anesthesia. Then, the veins are removed. The patient does not have to stay at the hospital for this procedure and can return to work within about two weeks after the surgery.

Risks: In about 30% of the cases, the cutaneous nerves in the ankle might be injured. As a result, the affected area may remain numb.

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