The therapeutic possibilities of prostate cancer have been significantly expanded in the last 20 years. Radiation therapy in particular has developed significantly. Brachytherapy is an established form of treatment for patients with localized prostate cancer. There are two basic techniques of brachytherapy:

Brachytherapy has become increasingly widespread in the US over the last 25 years. In addition to the operative total removal of the prostate gland, it has established itself as a standard procedure.

The West German Prostate Center informs you about the latest scientific findings in a fact sheet on brachytherapy.

High efficacy - low side effects for the patient

For the patient, this method has decisive advantages:

  • It is minimally invasive
  • It can be carried out on a short-stay basis
  • It has proven to have equal or superior results
  • It has significantly lower side effects and higher potency rates than prostate removal.

Brachytherapy is one of the focal points of the West German Prostate Center. Patients are cared for in close cooperation with urologists and radiotherapists. The successful cooperation has already proven its worth in over 7500 treatments.

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