The WPC is one of Europe's largest institutions in terms of cases and specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate diseases. The medical team at the WPC has been working together for almost two dacades. The high level of experience and competence guarantees safety and the best possible quality in the implementation of specialized forms of treatment.

Since its foundation, more than 7.500 brachytherapy treatments for localized prostate cancer and over 3.500 prostate resections have been performed at the WPC in addition to numerous other interventions. The centre now has follow-up data of 19 years.

Gentle treatment and state-of-the-art technology

Today, a large number of effective and proven therapy options for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement and prostate carcinoma are available. New and innovative therapies are constantly carefully examined and critically compared with existing standard therapies before being included in the range of services offered by the West German Prostate Center.

Scientific cooperation

The combination of experienced specialists under one roof enables consultation, diagnostics, therapy and aftercare of all prostate diseases under optimal conditions - at the highest medical and technical level. Constant education and the training of colleagues guarantee a state of the art knowledge. National and international specialist and patient events as well as cooperation with treatment centres at home and abroad also contribute to this. The West German Prostate Center and the New York Prostate Institute founded the International Prostate Cancer Group in 2008. The aim of the association of prostate cancer specialists from Germany and the USA is to optimise the quality of prostate cancer treatment through scientific cooperation, exchange of information and patient advice.

Focusing on the patient

It is particularly important for the medical team to always keep the patient in view and to take their needs seriously. A detailed discussion and a detailed examination form the basis for an exact diagnosis and for optimal therapy decisions together with the patient.

Whether you come to us for preventive care, because of unclear complaints or a known illness - you should always feel well advised, treated and enlightened!

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