As one of the few centers in Germany, the West German Prostate Center now also has TURiS (Transurethral Resection in Saline) plasma vaporization for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia, in addition to TUR-P and the ultra-modern laser procedures (life-diode and greenlight lasers).

In contrast to conventional peeling, TURiS plasma vaporisation uses a saline solution that is well tolerated instead of hypotonic rinsing solution. This prevents the potentially life-threatening indwelling syndrome (TUR syndrome). Surgical complications such as urinary incontinence and impotence can also be virtually avoided with the gentle and minimally invasive procedure.

The surgeon can combine two different techniques with the system: resection by means of electric current and evaporation (vaporisation) by using a vaporisation electrode. The plasma vaporization electrode vaporizes the tissue like a laser, but without developing strong heat. At the same time, the tissue is scabbed and bleeding is avoided from the front The vaporization electrode is mainly used in the area of the highly perfused mucous membranes. The prostate tissue behind it is pervaded by fewer blood capillaries and can be planed with the electric loop. The tissue chips produced during resection are examined for tumour cells by the pathologist.

The unique combination of evaporation and an electric loop allows for the selection of the appropriate electrode and its insertion into the prostate via the working channel, depending on the patient's needs, i. e. whether hemostasis or tissue removal is in the foreground. A further advantage is the shortened operation time. The procedure is particularly attractive for patients with a high risk of bleeding and associated diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

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