Quality Management - Westgerman Prostate Center

The quality requirements of the West German Prostate Center (WPC) are subject to the international guidelines of the European and American professional societies. The permanent control of these qualities is guaranteed by the certified quality management system and three pillars:

Consistency and permanent training of the treatment team:

The team consists of specialized physicians from the fields of urology, radiotherapy and anaesthesia as well as medical physics and nursing staff.
The indications for therapy are determined jointly between urologists and radiotherapists. In this context, interdisciplinary individual case discussions and the use of international nomograms are of particular importance. The quality is also checked in weekly interdisciplinary colloquia.
There is international agreement that the same team should carry out at least 50, or rather 60-80 implants per year in order to gain and maintain sufficient experience in brachytherapy. The WPZ team has carried out more than 7500 brachytherapies over the last 18 years.
The team regularly participates in advanced training courses and organizes regular prostate up-date meetings, in addition to other events for colleagues and patients, at which national and international speakers report on the current status of diagnosis and therapy in prostate cancer.

Documentation of all patient, treatment and follow-up data:

In the WPC, prospectively and consecutively, the clear organ, tumor and dose parameters are recorded preoperatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively. Secondly, in addition to the usual documentation of PSA values and possible imaging examinations, all relevant parameters for quality of life, micturition situation and sexual function are checked over a period of at least 3 years using intrernational and validated patient questionnaires.
The collected data sets are anonymized and recorded in a specially developed and programmed prostate cancer database for the WPZ. It is now one of the largest databases of its kind in the world.

The radiotherapist is an expert radiation protection commissioner for the medical field according to the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrSchV) and is responsible for the implementation and treatment quality of the therapy. According to the StrSchV, the final responsibility for proper education also rests with the expert radiotherapist.

It goes without saying that up-to-date technical equipment must meet the requirements of the MPG (Medical Devices Act) on the one hand, and the requirements of the approval notice as well as the StrSchV and RöV on the other.
The legal framework conditions are defined by the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrSchV), the X-ray Ordinance (RöV) and the permit issued by the respective supervisory authority.

Annual certification:

Everyone is talking about quality control - the specialists at the Westgerman Prostate Center have now proven it. Following the successful introduction and implementation of a quality management system, they were awarded ISO certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 on 27 September 2009, which has been updated and recertified annually since then.

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