Suprapubic Prostate Enucleation (SPE)

In the case of a very strongly enlarged prostate, endoscopic treatment (laser therapy, TUR-P) is sometimes no longer possible. In this case, open prostate surgery using a abdominal incision (suprapubic prostate enucleation (SPE)) is an option. In this type of operation, the bladder is opened through an incision in the lower abdomen. The surgeon then switches off the benignly enlarged prostate parts with his finger. The urine must then be drained through a catheter for 10 days until the bladder heals. This is a relatively large surgical procedure with corresponding blood loss and is particularly stressful for older patients. The potency is usually maintained. The semen, however, flows backwards into the bladder during effusion (so-called retrograde ejaculation or dry ejaculation).

Due to the modern forms of resection (TURiS) and laser vaporization, surgery has become unnecessary as a rule, since nowadays prostate volumes of up to 200 cc can be treated endoscopically and transurethrally (through the urethra) without any problems.

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