3-Tesla MRI

Functional magnetic resonance tomography (fMRI, magnetic resonance imaging) with a 3-tesla tomograph is currently the most accurate method for visualizing prostate cancer. Due to the fine image resolution and the high soft tissue contrast, cancer-related tissue changes in the prostate can be detected at an early stage. The examination method also provides information on the location and size of tumour centres and their possible extent in the prostate.

While most of the facilities have magnetic resonance tomographs with a field strength of 1.5 Tesla, the West German Prostate Center in cooperation with the Department of Radiology in the Klinik am RING carries out the examination with one of the most modern, high-resolution MRTs, the 3-Tesla-MRI. This makes it possible to detect prostate carcinomas with an even higher sensitivity and specificity. The examination data also provide the urologist with precise information for a targeted biopsy (MRI-supported biopsy).

When does an MRI make sense?

  • Patients whose PSA levels continue to increase despite negative biopsy and who remain suspected of cancer
  • Patients in whom the tumour has reappeared after therapy (recurrent cancer)
  • local tumor staging in case of positive biopsy findings

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