Our Concept

The Practice for Radiotherapy in Cologne offers innovative techniques of radiation oncology at two locations. The practice uses the latest and most gentle methods in the fight against cancer. The special focus of the two departments is on the 4-D radiotherapy for breast and lung cancer image-guided therapy (IGRT), the intensity-modulated (IMRT) radiotherapy for prostate and colon cancer, brachytherapy for prostate cancer (seeds and afterloading),  and cancers of the female genitals.


The department of radiation oncology at the KLINIK am RING consists of a special practice for radiotherapy and a patient unit with hotel comfort for inpatient treatment.

In close cooperation with the urological department of the clinic, we perform special types of radiation treatments for prostate cancer, such as  brachytherapy. In addition, we offer also other modern radiotherapy techniques. From the close interdisciplinary cooperation with the patient unit of the department of urology, the West German Prostate Center originated in 2002, which covers all areas of prevention, treatment and care of diseases around the prostate.

By integrating the practice into the KLINIK am RING; all necessary examinations (urology, anesthesia, radiology, nuclear medicine) can be performed promptly and with short distances for the patients.


In the practice for innovative radio oncology at the OTC, we offer the entire spectrum of modern radiotherapy including stereotactic radiotherapy (radiosurgery), intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), the 4-D radiotherapy and combined radio / chemo therapy.. The heart of the department Rechtsvomrhein is the state-of-the-art 7.5 ton linear accelerator. A special feature of this new cutting-edge irradiation facility is the possibility of image-guided radiotherapy. The linear accelerator is also equipped with its own CT scanner that can produce a 3-D imaging during the course of irradiation, and thus can guarantee millimeter accuracy.

The Oncological Therapy Center (OTC) is a newly developed and particularly patient friendly therapy center in close proximity to the Evangelische  Hospital Köln-Kalk. This allows for an interdisciplinary inpatient treatment of cancer diseases in close cooperation with the most important oncology departments. Of course, at the OTC all diagnostic possibilities of modern MRI scanners to endoscopic and interventional research methods are available.

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