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Radiation, Brachytherapy, Surgery or Active Surveillance - about 58,000 men in Germany are confronted with the diagnosis of prostate cancer every year and face the difficult task of choosing the "right" treatment. Today, there are several treatment options for the treatment of prostate carcinoma with equivalent chances of recovery. This makes it all the more important to carefully weigh up the pros and cons of the various therapy options and to take into account one's own circumstances when deciding on the treatment.

The merger of the West German Prostate Cancer Center with prostate cancer specialists from the USA and Europe to form the International Prostate Cancer Group (IPG) aims to optimize the quality of prostate cancer treatment through scientific collaboration, information exchange and patient counseling.

Patients with prostate cancer from Germany and abroad have the opportunity to use the medical knowledge of the experts and obtain a competent and independent second opinion.

The second opinion shows the therapy options tailored to the individual clinical picture and explains the expected results and side effects of the individual treatment methods. The international and multidisciplinary competence of the expert team guarantees a neutral and objective result.

For the second opinion we need the following documents:

PSA value:

It is important that you enter all available PSA values of the last months or years. The progression of the PSA value over time provides important information about the presence of prostate carcinoma.

Biopsy report:

A copy of the pathological (histological) evaluation of their prostate biopsies is absolutely necessary for the second opinion.

Findings of imaging procedures:

Written findings of any imaging procedures already performed (transrectal ultrasound, bone scintigraphy, CT, MRT, PET-CT, etc.) should also be enclosed.

Please do not send any pictures, CD or DVD with you, but only the corresponding written findings.

IPSS Questionnaire:

You can download the IPSS questionnaire by clicking on the button below and complete it and attach it to your documents.

Please send your complete documents by e-mail to: info@wpz-koeln.de or by post to the Westgerman Prostate Center.

Download IPSS Questionnaire 

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