Interview about vasovasostomy (Refertilization)

Interview with Dr. Stephan Neubauer

What should you look for when choosing a clinic?

The vasovasostomy (refertilization) is a complex microsurgical procedure and a lot of sensitivity and surgical skill is required of the surgeon. The structures with which the physician works are very small, and the demands on the surgical technique extremely high. Therefore, a main concern when looking for a  hospital is that the surgeon is well-experienced in the field of vasovasostomy.

 How many operations do you perform per year in the Department of Urology at the KLINIK am RING?

I myself have been performing this procedure for more than 15 years. At the KLINIK am RING, we perform about 50 of such procedures and belong therewith to the hospitals with the greatest experience in Germany.

 What could be reasons for an unsuccessful vasovasostomy?

The most common cause of an unsuccessful vasovasostomy, is the time interval between the sterilization and the refertilization procedure. While the probability of success is 90% during the early years, this figure drops after more than 10 years to less than 60%. In addition, the technical requirements as well as the surgical technique itself must be optimal in order to avoid a failure.

 Is it possible to repeat the Refertilization?

This possibility exists. This is especially important for men who have a first continuous vas deferens closing up again by postoperative scarring. In these cases, you should allow men to still wish for children.

What are the risks of such a procedure?

A vasovasostomy like any surgical procedure carries certain risks. However, complications such as infection or small bleeding are extremely rare. Usually it comes to local bruising and slight pain that will subside within a few days.

What should I do after the procedure?

While the skin sutures generally heal within 7 to 10 days, the complete healing of the reconnected vas deferens takes about three weeks. During this time you should avoid sports and strenuous physical activities, and, and possibly intercourse. In addition, you should wait about 10 days with bathing, swimming, or saunas. However, the patient may shower after one to two days.

What are the costs for the patient?

Depending on the method, cost for refertilization will approx. vary between € 3.000.00 and € 3.500.00. 

When is the earliest a pregnancy can be expected?

A vasovasostomy promises, in as much as the sterilization dates no more than 10 - 15 years back, very good results. A pregnancy after refertilization can in most cases be expected after 6 to 12 months.

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