Once a patient has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and successfully treated with TUR-B, regular follow-up is essential. It is in the nature of mucosal carcinoma of the bladder that it can recur in the same or a different location in the course of life (recurrence). However, if it is found in time, it can be easily repaired by a minor operation with a short hospital stay. 
In the first years, the follow-up consists of 3-monthly physical examinations, ultrasound, urinalysis and, most importantly, bladder examination. If this regimen is consistently followed by the patient, then serious disease can be kept under control with these relatively minor resources.
If no recurrences occur in the further course, the follow-up interval is successively extended.



If the tumor is diagnosed early, bladder cancer is usually very curable. It is therefore all the more important to have regular early detection examinations as part of cancer screening by a urologist.

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