Renal Tumors

Important information for patients with renal tumors

For the removal of kidney tumors, the kidneys can be removed – or in smaller tumors preserved - through surgery. - The kidney-preserving surgery is of course important for patients with only one kidney. Our Objective: short surgery and rapid mobilization of the patient.

Measures for early detected cancers

The treatment is completed in theses cases with the operation. The patient will be admitted to a tumor aftercare program. Another therapy is not required.

For early detection and aftercare of renal cell carcinoma there are two ultra-modern ultrasound devices available for treatment. In addition, at the KLINIK am RING comprehensive diagnostics and follow-up is provided through its Department of Radiology. Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are available, and the Department of Nuclear Medicine offers scintigraphy for different organs.

Measures of advanced tumors

If the disease at the time of the discovery has already advanced and metastases (secondary tumors) are present, immunotherapy can help. This is where medication is administered that activates the body's own immune cells against tumor cells. The drug can be injected under the skin or inhaled, depending on the localization of metastases either. The cancer can be brought to a standstill or, in many cases even decline. This is mostly an ambulatory procedure.

A screening ultrasound and urine test is generally recommended at the age of 40..

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