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Dear Patients,

on this page, we want to provide you with the latest news released by the international press that focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the spine. Just like your physician, you should also be aware of the most current developments in science. Since most of the publications are written in English, you will find a short summary in German at the beginning of each article.

Antibiotics as therapy for degenerative diseases of the spine? 

The research group led by Albert and Manniche from the Spinal Centre Southern Denmark describes in this work the effect of a three-month antibiotic therapy for chronic back pain after a previously occurring herniated disc. The background is the current hypothesis that in many cases a creeping bacterial inflammation could be the underlying cause of the wear of the disc. Interestingly, they were able to demonstrate a statistically significant treatment success of patients treated with antibiotics. As expected, there was no improvement of the symptoms in the comparison group of patients who received only a placebo.

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