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Second opinion - Spine Center

Specialists for a medical second opinion

Are you planning a spinal surgery in the near future? You are already in treatment and would like to have the initial findings and/or the therapy recommendation of the treating physician examined by an experienced specialist?

To eliminate possible doubts, to avoid wrong diagnoses and treatments and to ensure an optimal therapy, the Spine Center offers you a competent second opinion by our experienced spine specialist Dr. Timmo Koy. Besides the careful examination of your diagnosis and recommended therapy, Dr. Koy will inform you in detail about the expected chances of success and risks of the desired treatment and will point out possible therapy alternatives if necessary. Should further examinations be necessary for the second opinion, you can of course have them carried out by us at the KLINIK am RING.

For an independent assessment, please bring the following documents, if available:

  • All written findings
  • Imaging examinations (MRT, CT, X-ray) as DVD or CD

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