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Our philosophy

Every day, almost 35 percent of people in Germany suffer from back pain. Especially when the pain becomes chronic, i.e. persists over a longer period of time, the physical as well as the psychological strain is enormous. Some of those affected suffer from severe restrictions in everyday life. They worry about their performance, their job, their career. It therefore requires a high degree of experience and knowledge on the part of the doctor to identify the causes and find a suitable therapy together with the patient.

In the Spine Centre of the KLINIK am RING, Cologne, you will be examined and treated by Dr. Timmo Koy, a specialist with extensive and many years of experience in top university medicine. As head of orthopaedic spine surgery at the University Hospital of Cologne, Dr. Timmo Koy has performed more than a thousand spinal operations, even of the highest degrees of difficulty. We are at your side, with a lot of experience and the latest diagnostic and treatment methods. A precise diagnosis within the shortest time, a treatment concept tailored to your needs and mutual trust are the pillars of a successful treatment of your spinal complaints.

Precise diagnosis - targeted treatment

Already your questioning and the physical examination give the specialist decisive information to make an exact diagnosis. If an X-ray, CT or MRI examination is required to confirm the diagnosis, the very good infrastructure of the KLINIK am RING makes it possible to carry out these examinations on the same day as a rule. On the basis of the examination results, we explain the diagnosis to you in a clear and comprehensible manner. Because we want you to really understand your illness and the therapy options. Subsequently, we work out a therapy concept tailored to your needs, in which we also take your life situation and the associated demands and necessities into account.

Operation as last option

In your therapy we follow the guiding principle "As much as necessary, as little as possible" and start - as long as it makes medical sense - conservatively, with the treatment with the lowest side effects. Because our experience shows: Most back problems can be treated quickly and effectively with comparatively little effort. Only if a therapy step does not help, more complex and intensive treatment approaches are used. If surgical intervention is nevertheless necessary, we use modern, minimally invasive procedures that place less strain on the organism and enable a faster recovery.

You receive your treatment from a single source. We master the techniques of gentle manual deblocking and minimally invasive injection therapy for the spine as well as complex surgical reconstruction procedures. This combination of experience, treatment approach and infrastructure can only be found in the Spine Centre of the KLINIK AM RING in Cologne.

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