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More accidents with e-bikes: Increased risk of injury to the cervical spine

For a long time now, electric bikes have not only been attractive for seniors. More and more often, people of younger ages, such as sports enthusiasts with limited health or untrained people, are opting for a bicycle with an auxiliary motor. In Germany alone, more than 535,000 electric bicycles were sold last year, but with the growing popularity of e-bikes and pedelecs, the number of accidents is also increasing significantly.

The German Spine Society warns that anyone who buys an e-bike should also be made aware of the dangers. At speeds of up to 40 km/h, electric bikes can accelerate the rider to speeds he would not have reached with pure muscle power. But the treacherous thing about it is that the speed is often underestimated by the ambitious cyclists. Overstraining, misjudgement and extended reaction times often lead to dangerous situations, which sometimes end in an accident. In the majority of cases, injuries to the head and cervical spine occur, according to the DWG. Older people in particular belong to a special risk group. Even the slightest force, such as a simple bicycle crash, can cause a cervical vertebra fracture. Wearing a helmet is therefore an absolute must, demands the spine society. Drivers should also wear suitable protective clothing, such as protectors, to protect themselves from lacerations and abrasions.

Source: German Spine Society 

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