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Joint operations in times of Corona?

Dear Sirs,
dear patients,

many of you are asking yourselves, and us too, the question: "Should I have an artificial joint inserted in Corona times or should I better wait and see?" This question is perfectly understandable. After all, such an operation is never planned frivolously and for various reasons cannot be postponed indefinitely. In addition to pain and other impairments of the quality of life, a longer wait often means an aggravation of the disease, i.e. the arthrosis itself, which may even lead to a worse treatment result. Thanks to the level-headed approach in Germany, the corona pandemic has fortunately not developed as dramatically as was feared. 

We, your orthopaedic surgeons at the KLINIK am RING - Köln, regard your level of suffering as an essential aspect for the urgency of a necessary operation and therefore advise against simply postponing all operations without a clear emergency character for an indefinite period of time. Of course, each individual case must be discussed and decided on in a differentiated manner. Your safety, but also that of your fellow human beings, is of the highest priority.

In addition to the hygiene requirements recommended by experts, in particular the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), such as compulsory mouthguards and distance rules, the KLINIK am RING - Köln offers the possibility of outpatient surgery for minor procedures. This minimizes the length of stay. For operations requiring an inpatient stay, you will be accommodated in a single room or in a very large double room, so that the rules of distance can be observed here as well. In addition, we are usually able to organize outpatient rehabilitation or even physiotherapy at your home after your inpatient stay at the KLINIK am RING.

Cordially yours,
Your Dr. Stefan Preis and Dr. Jörg Schroeder
and the whole team