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Exemplary mecial practise: Spine Centre receives another award

Patient communication at eye level, transparent information and smooth practice procedures - The Spine Center is honoured with the Praxis+Award AWARD for an outstanding practice culture.

Spine Center receives another award

Dr. Timmo Koy, Head of the Spine Centre at KLINIK am RING, has already received several awards for his extraordinary professional qualification and the Master Certificate of the German Spine Society. But the spine center of the KLINIK am RING can now also score with an exemplary practice culture. With the presentation of the Praxis+Award in silver the team around Dr. Koy receives an award for excellent practice communication, patient approach and social responsibility, among other things. Only practices that meet the above-average requirements receive the additional Praxis+Award AWARD.

Similar to the star award for restaurants, practices cannot apply for the award themselves, but are recommended by patients, agencies or medical networks. An independent jury of experts examines the nominated practices in an elaborate procedure and selects the winners. This makes the Praxis+Award the first and independent quality award for an exemplary practice culture.

Patient communication

In the evaluation, various areas are closely scrutinized by the examiners. In addition to team development, media use and social responsibility, special attention is paid to addressing patients. "It is very important to us to communicate with our patients at eye level, to create trust and to take their needs seriously," emphasizes Dr. Koy. This also includes a transparent transfer of knowledge and a comprehensible presentation of the practical processes. Equally important to the spinal surgeon is that his team pulls in the same direction: "Because only a good climate among the employees creates a pleasant atmosphere for the patients.

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