Quality Management - Radiology / Nuclear Medicine

In our practice, the central goal is quality assurance and continuous quality improvement implementation within the context of high quality but simultaneously economical patient care.

The physicians' association has established directives requiring physicians to implement and maintain a high level of Quality Management (QM). With our quality management system, we fully comply with these regulations with our quality management system.

Our practice Köln-City is certified according to ISO 9001:2008; our practice Köln-West has adapted a system modeled based on the special requirements of the location. It regulates the various processes of our authentic practice activities for physicians and employees. The system is implemented in form of work instructions, checklists, and forms. These are available to all employees, they are updated regularly, and all staff members must follow their content.

Our goal is the successful and continuous development of our practice based on:

  • Patient oriented actions
  • Optimizing organizational process
  • Consistent inclusion of current knowledge
  • Best possible examination techniques
  • Working closely with referring physicians
  • Consistent use of the expertise of all staff members
  • Utilizing the special options of the two practice locations by integrating organizational and communication structures 
  • Flexible response to the  "vicissitudes of the public health policy" 

Also governed in our Quality Management (QM) are:

  • Medical and technical standards concerning examinations, maintenance of the equipment, constancy tests, etc.
  • Hygiene standards
  • Administrative processes
  • Human resource matters
  • Continuing education and training for all members of the staff
  • Careful choice of suppliers and accurate monitoring of the quality of goods and services supplied 
  • Complaint and fault management
  • Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Our quality management system requires the ongoing rethinking and adjusting of the actions of all physicians and medical and paramedical staff in an ever changing health care system on an economic, political, and scientific Level.

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