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Philosophy and Principles

Our motivation is based on the commitment to provide the highest level of care - to heal the sick and to relieve the suffering. 


Our Practice Philosophy:

  • Application of standards warranting the safety of patients and staff during examinations and treatments 
  • Continuously expanding and deepening of knowledge across all disciplines and through close contacts to our referring physicians from different medical disciplines
  •  Reduction of radiation exposure according to the principles of the radiation protection regulation:  "Only as much radiation exposure as is absolutely necessary to establish a diagnosis"
  •  Specialization in the area of RSO and the thyroid diagnosis, which also allows for the management of  problem cases
  • Scientific debate on issues such as the RSO or the hereby treated diseases
  •  Cross-sectional imaging (MRI, CT) at the best possible medical and technical level 
  • Spine Pain  Management (periradicular therapy / PRT) promptly and efficiently


Our Principles:

  • Since our patients are for the most part chronically ill and suffer pain, sensitive and compassionate patient care is our top priority
  • The aim is to accept the patient with all his or her concerns, and treat him or her the way we would want to be treated
  • Important to us is that the patient is fully informed about his or her illness. We take the time necessary to inform the patient in detail.
  • We believe that the patient should feel as a guest once he or she arrives at our center. We guide our patients through all the necessary examinations and treatments and gladly comply with any special wish that makes the process more comfortable. 

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