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Hyposensitization in autumn makes sense

Help with agonizing allergies is promised by hyposensitization. According to the World Health Organization, this method, also known as specific immunotherapy, is currently the most effective recognized form of therapy. It makes the body insensitive to the intolerable substances. This is done by repeatedly administering the allergen to patients in increasing doses. The body is gradually accustomed to it and reacts less and less strongly to it over time. The substance is administered as a drop or by syringe.

Hyposensitisation is particularly effective for respiratory allergies such as hay fever. Insect venom allergies can also be well treated in this way. With modern allergen preparations, the success rate for bee and wasp allergies is 90 to 100 percent, for pollen, mite and mould allergies 80 to 90 percent.

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