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Cologne Patient Days: Back pain

In the morning, you barely get up from the betat?  The neck hurts, the back is tense - it pulls and stings with every movement and in the office you hardly know in which position you should sit? You are not alone. Almost every third adult in Germany has, according to Statista, frequent or constant back problems. "People's suffering can have many causes," says Dr. Timmo Koy, head of the Spine Centre in Cologne. "To make an exact diagnosis is always a prerequisite for being able to treat those affected in a targeted and successful way". 

The KÖLNER PATIENTENTAGE are going into their 4th round: On Tuesday, 18 June 2019, Dr. Timmo Koy will inform about back pain - diagnostics & therapy. The Spine Centre of the Klinik am Ring has specialised in all diseases and injuries of the spine. The specialists treat with all common conservative methods. Sometimes, however, surgery is unavoidable. If possible, the competent surgeons perform minimally invasive procedures.