WPZ successfully certified

Everyone is talking about quality control - the doctors at the Prostate Center have now proven it. Following the successful introduction and implementation of a quality management system, they were awarded ISO certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 on 27 September 2009, which has been updated and recertified annually since then.

Dr. Stephan Neubauer and Dr. Pedram Derakhshani have given top priority to quality and transparency in the treatment of their patients since the establishment of the urological department in 2000. The success of modern, highly specialized treatment methods such as endoscopic prostate removal or brachytherapy (internal radiation) for prostate cancer depends on the experience and consistency of the treatment team,"emphasizes Dr. Neubauer. Only those who have sufficient experience and carry out therapies on a large number of patients can deliver quality,"the urologist continues.

The quality management system confirms above all the transparency of processes, the optimization of work processes and compliance with legal requirements,"explains Dr. Derakhshani. The team of urologists has developed a "clinical path" for every clinical picture in urology. All steps are meticulously documented in a precise sequence. Everything runs according to a precisely defined schedule, so that everyone knows what to do when and how,"says Dr. Derakhshani. Another quality feature of the Department of Urology is the close and long-standing interdisciplinary cooperation with the radiotherapists of the Clinic am Ring, which has established itself within the framework of the West German Prostate Center (WPZ). Furthermore, the cooperation with colleagues extends from regional quality circles to international scientific cooperations and projects. Once a year, the WPZ organizes a uro-oncological congress with renowned scientists from Europe and the USA.

Transparency creates trust

Establishing a QM system takes time and a motivated team,"explains Dr. Neubauer. For over a year, the employees of the urology department were supervised by a management consultancy, the renowned KPU-Consulting, and were optimally prepared for certification in regular training sessions. The work has paid off,"stresses the Cologne urologist. After all, an established QM system not only benefits physicians and employees, but above all the patients as well. The exact documentation enables them to follow each individual treatment step and is fully informed about their therapy. In addition, the urology department provides its patients with clear information and educational material on the various treatment options. The intensive and individual care of our patients is very important to us,"emphasizes Neubauer. That's why we are all the more anxious to continuously improve the quality of care. The WPZ also has a prostate carcinoma database in which relevant parameters on the quality of life, micturition situation and sexual function after therapy are recorded anonymously at regular intervals on the basis of validated patient questionnaires. This is now one of the largest databases of its kind. The resulting scientific results have already been published at numerous national and international congresses.

  1. At regular intervals, the quality is checked in so-called audits by an independent company. The QM system does not end up in a drawer with us, but is continually being further developed,"sums up the urologist. We can only offer patient-oriented medicine at the highest level of quality if workflows and organizational processes are constantly optimized.

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