10th Patient Day in Cologne

Lively dialogue between affected people and experts: More than 100 participants gathered information on the topic of the prostate gland

For the tenth time, the Westdeutsche Prostatazentrum (West German Prostate Center) held an information event on the topic of the prostate on 9th December in Cologne. In addition to early diagnosis and prevention, the focus was on the various treatment options for benign and malignant prostate diseases. More than 100 interested parties, affected persons and relatives informed themselves about the current state of the possibilities available today, discussed and asked their very personal questions to the experts. 

What treatment options are there for prostate cancer? Does the PSA test still make sense? When should a biopsy be performed? How to treat a benign enlargement? This year again, the participants of the Patient Day Prostate asked the expert panel numerous questions. Dr. Stephan Neu-bauer, urologist at the West German Prostate Center, emphasizes:"Men's need for information on the topic of the prostate is still enormous. Particularly when men are confronted with the diagnosis of prostate cancer, there is a great need for comprehensive information. However, the insecure patients are often insufficiently informed with radical surgery as the only therapy recommendation,"said Neubauer. 

Today, a large number of effective and well-proven therapy options are available for the treatment of prostate cancer, which were explained to the listeners in clear and easily understandable presentations by the four renowned speakers Dr. Neubauer, Dr. Derakhshani, Dr. Spira and Dr. Weise. The participants were particularly interested in brachytherapy, a refined radiotherapeutic method in which the smallest radiation sources (seeds) are inserted directly into the prostate. Dr. Gregor Spira, radiotherapist at the West German Prostate Center, explained:"The seeds destroy the tumor from the inside by means of high-dose targeted radiation, while the prostate remains intact. With the same healing rates, brachytherapy has a major advantage over total surgery: The surrounding tissue outside the prostate is less involved. Most patients are spared the dreaded impotence. Urinary incontinence is practically eliminated as a result,"said the radiotherapist.

Help with enlarged prostate gland

However, not every disease of the prostate is malignant. Almost one in two men over the age of 50 suffers from a benign enlargement of the prostate gland, which becomes noticeable through constant urination, a weak stream of urine and unpleasant dripping. Here, too, there are several possibilities for therapy, ranging from drugs in the early stages to surgical interventions,"explained Dr. Pedram Derakhshani, urologist at the West German Prostate Center, to the interested public. For some years now, in addition to the classic peeling procedure, especially gentle laser therapy has been used. 

  1. The free patient event is also very much appreciated by the self-help groups around Cologne and Bonn. It is our goal through our patient day to create a lively dialogue between interested parties, affected persons and experts,"summarizes Dr. Neubauer.

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