Medical care from A to Z - complete treatment of your disease under one roof.

The Westdeutsche Prostatazentrum has set itself the goal of being a contact point and information centre for patients and doctors alike.

The pooling of experienced specialists under one roof enables consultation, diagnostics, therapy and aftercare of all prostate diseases under optimal conditions - at the highest medical and technical level. Ongoing in-house further training and the training of specialist colleagues ensure that our knowledge is up to date. National and international specialist and patient events as well as cooperation with treatment centres at home and abroad also contribute to this.

Whether you come to us for prevention, for unclear complaints or a known illness - you should always feel well advised, treated and informed!

High chances of recovery through early detection

By means of targeted preventive examinations, early stages of the disease can be discovered and cured in over 90% of cases. Early detection is particularly important in this case, as there are no typical symptoms of cancer in the early stages.

The most common cancer of men: prostate cancer

Today, a large number of effective and proven therapies for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate carcinoma are available. New and innovative therapies are constantly being carefully examined and critically compared with existing standard therapies before they are included in the range of services offered by the West German Prostate Center.

A detailed discussion and a detailed examination form the basis for the precise diagnosis of complaints or diseases and their successful treatment with the means of choice.

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