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Since founded in 2000 the department of urology at Klinik am Ring has been in close cooperation with the departments of radiooncology and radiology alike having focussed for now more than two decades on diagnostics and therapy of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

In July 2002, the departments joined forces with the departments of anestesiology, nuclear medicine and pathology to form the West German Prostate Center (WPC) in the Klinik am Ring.  Special features of the West German Prostate Center are constancy of the treatment team, permanent exchange of data and knowledge with international collegues as well as continuous control of both our patients treatment outcomes and quality of life parameters in order to control out quality. In contrast to most clinics where there are frequent changes of doctors, the team of doctors at the WPC has been practising together for nearly two decades. This guarantees a high degree of experience and competence.

Since the beginning of the cooperation, besides numerous other interventions, more than 7.500 brachytherapy treatments and over 3.500 prostate resections have been carried out.

We are looking forward to taking care about your health. Do not hesitate to entrust and contact us at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Stephan Neubauer, MD, PhD

Director of WPC


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