What is the "best" therapy?

An international panel of experts developed a unique tool to support treatment decisions for prostate cancer.

More than 60,000 men in Germany are confronted with the diagnosis of prostate cancer every year and face the difficult task of choosing the "right" treatment. If the tumor is limited to the prostate (localized prostate carcinoma), brachytherapy (internal radiation), external radiation, surgery or active surveillance, proton, HIFU and cryotherapy are a variety of different therapy methods available to the patient: But which method is best suited for the individual?

An international panel of prostate experts, the so-called Prostate Cancer Results Study Group (PCRSG), founded by the American scientist Dr. Peter Grimm, developed a patient tool with which it is possible to compare the cure rates of all modern forms of therapy, depending on the risk profile of the tumour. This interactive decision support tool is based on a scientific analysis of all relevant studies for the therapy of localized prostate carcinoma from the period 2000-2013.In the original first publication 848 studies with more than 52,000 patients were evaluated in total. Today more than 100.000 patients are included in the analasys of the regular updates. 

Easy to operate

The expert panel's tool is freely accessible to patients, relatives and interested parties on the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group website. In addition, an understandable and clear presentation of the individual steps enables easy handling. First of all, each patient can use his or her PSA, Gleason score and tumor stage to determine exactly which risk group (low, medium and high risk of progression) he belongs to. In a second step, the different treatment options of the respective risk group are listed and their effectiveness (percentage of PSA progression-free survival) is graphically displayed by clicking on them. In this way, the patient has the opportunity to determine the best therapy option for him within minutes.

Dr. Grimm believed that providing information about the effectiveness of the different prostate cancer treatments would allow patients to make an informed decision.

Find out more at https://prostatecancerfree.org

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