Prostate treatments in times of Corona?

Dear Sirs,

dear patients,

many of you are unsettled in times of Corona, and rightly so. You ask yourself and us the question whether you should have currently planned operations or examinations of the prostate gland carried out or postpone them for the time being. Prostate cancer patients also sometimes express concern that they may become infected with the new corona virus during oncological treatment.
We are aware of the fact that any medical intervention is always associated with worry and uncertainty, once again against the background of the current pandemic.

However, it is important to remember that a planned therapy can often not be postponed indefinitely without endangering your health. Stopping a cancer treatment or postponing it for weeks or even months could mean jeopardizing the success of the treatment or risking a relapse. Even in the case of benign enlargement of the prostate, postponing the operation for too long can lead to serious complications in addition to pain and impairment of quality of life.

Fortunately, thanks to the level-headed approach in Germany, the corona pandemic has not developed as dramatically as was feared. We, your urologists from the West German Prostate Center at the KLINIK am RING - Cologne, therefore advise against simply postponing all operations without a clear emergency character, early detection and preventive examinations or an upcoming oncological treatment indefinitely. Of course, each individual case must be discussed and decided on in a differentiated manner. Your safety, but also that of your fellow human beings, is our highest priority.

In addition to the hygiene requirements recommended by experts, in particular the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), such as compulsory mouthguards and spacing rules, as well as adapted risk management, the KLINIK am RING - Köln offers the possibility of outpatient surgery for minor procedures. This minimizes the length of stay in the clinic. In the case of surgical procedures that require an inpatient stay, you will be accommodated in a single room or in a very large double room, so that the rules of distance can be observed and your safety is guaranteed.

Yours sincerely, Dr Stephan Neubauer and Dr Pedram Derakhshani
and the entire team from the West German Prostate Center

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