Confirmed by guidelines: Less impotence and incontinence after seed implantation than after surgery

What has already been proven by numerous international studies (1) has now been confirmed by the leading experts: Prostate cancer patients receiving brachytherapy (internal radiation) suffer significantly less often from impaired potency after treatment. Urinary incontinence, which is up to 50 percent (2) after radical removal of the prostate gland, is also negligible at 0.3 to 3 percent after seed implantation, and actually occurs only after a previous transurethral prostate resection (TURP).


Thompson I, Thrasher JB, From G, Burnett AL, Canby-Hagino ED, Cookson MS, D' Amico AV, Dmochowski RR, Eton DT, Forman JD, Goldenberg SL, Hernandez J, Higano CS, Kraus SR, Moul JW, Tangen CM, AUA Prostate Cancer Clinical Guideline Update Panel. Guideline for the management of clinically localized prostate cancer: 2007 update. J Urol 2007;177 (6): 2106-31.
Consultation version of the S3 guideline on prostate cancer 2009, German Society of Urology (DGU)

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