International research association founded

High-ranking experts merge to form the "International Prostate Cancer Group

Cologne, January 24,2007 - The West German Prostate Center in Cologne, together with the New York Prostate Institute, has given the go-ahead for the International Prostate Cancer Group (IPG) research collaboration. The association of prostate cancer specialists from Germany and the USA aims to optimize the quality of prostate cancer treatment through scientific cooperation, information exchange and patient counseling.

The focus of international cooperation is on the coordination and implementation of joint research projects in the field of diagnosis and therapy of prostate cancer,"explains Stephan Neubauer, senior physician at the West German Prostate Center in Cologne and one of the initiators of IPG. The research focus is on brachytherapy, an innovative method of modern radiotherapy. Internal "radiation has been used in Germany since 2000 for the treatment of prostate cancer and has since then established itself as a recognized and particularly gentle method. The West German Prostate Center is one of the pioneers of this future-oriented form of treatment in Germany.

From research to practice

Today, top-class research is only possible through international cooperation,"stresses Louis Potters, Medical Director of the renowned New York Prostate Institute. The IPG uses an international network to carry out transnational scientific studies and discuss current research results together with colleagues at international events. Our aim is to put new medical findings into practice in a timely manner,"continued Potters.

Every expert of the International Prostate Cancer Group has access to the anonymized patient data and thus has insight into the respective course of the disease. The advantage: If a patient has an unclear diagnosis or a complicated tumour, this is discussed in a multidisciplinary scientific committee and the further procedure is determined jointly. The professional exchange with experts from the USA and Europe will help us to predict disease progression even better in the future and to offer our patients a tailored therapy,"said Neubauer. Conversely, patients with prostate cancer from Germany and abroad also have the opportunity to use the medical knowledge of the experts and obtain a competent and independent second opinion.

The core of the IPG is the joint homepage, which is continuously updated with current information and serves as a discussion platform for physicians, patients and interested parties. The Internet offers the patient a flood of information that is difficult to assess and classify. Our aim is therefore to provide up-to-date information on prostate cancer in an understandable and transparent way,"said Neubauer.

The aim of the "International Prostate Cancer Group" is to integrate even more international know-how in the future and to cooperate with other renowned institutes from Europe, the USA and Canada.

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