Quality of the Urology Department again confirmed by certificate

The urological department in the KLINIK am RING successfully passed the quality certification according to the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001 again this year. "The certification in the context of an external examination confirms us again the high quality of our work," the leaders Dr. Stephan Neubauer and Dr. Pedram Derakhshani are pleased. Since 1999 a well-rehearsed team of doctors has been offering the complete diagnosis and therapy of all urological diseases. The focus is on the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement with modern surgical and laser procedures as well as innovative techniques of modern radiation therapy. 

Quality feature: prostate cancer database

"Especially with highly specialized treatment methods, transparency of procedures and optimization of work processes is an important criterion for the safety and success of the therapy," explains Dr. Derakhshani. The West German Prostate Center (WPZ), which is affiliated to the Urology Department, has a prostate carcinoma database in which relevant parameters for quality of life, micturition situation and sexual function after therapy are recorded anonymously at regular intervals using validated patient questionnaires.   In addition to numerous other interventions, more than 7,500 brachytherapy treatments for localized prostate carcinoma and more than 3,500 prostate resections have already been performed in the WPZ. The centre now has follow-up data of 19 years. 

The informed patient 

Patients also benefit from the precise documentation of individual work processes: they can follow each individual treatment step; additional information and educational material about the diagnostic and treatment options complements the discussion with the physician.
Quality control by an independent company takes place annually in the Urology Department of KLINIK am RING. This has the advantage that work processes are constantly scrutinised and improved if necessary.  "Because only if workflows and organizational processes are constantly optimized can we offer patient-oriented medicine at the highest quality level," summarizes the urologist.

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