Modern Therapy

Prostate carcinoma:
In the United States, more patients are treated with modern forms of radiotherapy than by conventional prostate removal.

Encouraged by this development, the good results and the consistently positive experience from the USA, we have been carrying out permanent seed implantation with iodine-seed strands since August 2000. The published convincing success rates of the American working groups gave us additional confirmation for the application of this brachytherapy. Within the framework of our latest own publications, we were able to reproduce the outstanding American data for the first time in a European centre. We follow the recommendations of the American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) for the indication of seed implantation alone. It forms the basis of the recommendations of the European and German professional societies.

Also on a short-term stationary basis, the combined HDR afterloading therapy with Iridum-192 is a second successful form of brachytherapy, as our current publications have shown. 

In total, the WPZ team has already carried out well over 7,500 brachytherapies (seed implantation and afterloading).

We find the right treatment for patients of all risk groups: whether interstitial radiotherapy as monotherapy (seed implantation) or in the context of combined radiotherapy (HDR afterloading).

Prostate enlargement:
Here too, new and gentler methods of treatment are constantly being developed through technical advancements. The methods available on the market are continuously checked and included in the range of services offered by the Prostate Center, if the international data have proven the advantage of the method.

For example, LIFE laser therapy with the Evolve 180 diode laser system has been in use at our center since April 2010, as well as modern TURiS resection and vaporization
A major advantage is the high wattage of the diode laser and the associated greater evaporation effect. In this way, patients with a large prostate can also undergo gentle laser therapy, which in the past had to rely on classical peeling (TURP). The duration of the treatment is shorter and therefore a gentle anaesthesia procedure is possible, which places less strain on the cardiovascular system.

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